Privacy policy


Bamboobubble services (the “Platform”), which can be accessed through any platform or device that links to this Privacy Policy, comprise Bamboobubble apps, websites, software, and related services. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all of these services. Bamboobubble Inc. (also known as “Bamboobubble,” “we,” or “us”) is the provider and controller of the Platform. Your privacy is something that we take very seriously. This privacy statement describes how we gather, utilise, distribute, and handle users’ and other people’s (13 years of age and older) personal data when using our platform. Please refer to our Children’s Privacy Policy for details on how we gather, utilise, share, and process user personal information under the age of thirteen (referred to as “Children”).

Terms that are capitalised but not defined in this Privacy Policy have the definitions found in the Terms of Service.



What Data We Gather


We might gather data from and about you, including data you give us, data we get from other sources, and data that we automatically gather. If we were to conceptualize Bamboobubble as a next-generation social media app, similar to existing platforms like TikTok or Instagram, the data collection practices might encompass various aspects to enhance user experience, optimize platform performance, and facilitate targeted content delivery. Here’s a hypothetical breakdown of potential data categories:

  1. User Profile Data: Username, email address, password (encrypted), profile picture, bio, age, gender, location, and other demographic information users provide during registration or profile setup.
  2. Content Interaction Data: Details related to videos, posts, comments, likes, shares, saved content, playlists, and other user-generated content within the platform.
  3. Usage Analytics: Information about how users navigate the app, including feature usage, session durations, frequency of logins, search queries, and other behavioral patterns.
  4. Device Information: Data related to users’ devices, such as device type, operating system, browser type, IP address, mobile carrier, and other technical specifications to optimize app performance and compatibility.
  5. Location-Based Data: Geolocation information (if enabled) to offer location-based features, content recommendations, or personalized experiences. This could include GPS coordinates, location history, or proximity data.
  6. Communication Metadata: Details about user interactions, messages, chats, group conversations, and other communication activities within the app’s messaging or direct messaging features.
  7. Ad and Content Personalization Data: Information collected through cookies, pixels, tracking technologies, and user interactions to personalize content, ads, recommendations, and user experiences based on preferences, interests, behavior, and engagement metrics.
  8. Third-Party Integrations: Data collected from third-party services, plugins, APIs, or integrations within the app (with user consent) to enhance functionality, features, or collaborative experiences.
  9. Payment and Transaction Data: Financial information related to in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, sponsorships, or other monetization methods, including payment details, transaction history, billing information, and related financial metrics.
  10. Security and Compliance Data: Data necessary to maintain platform security, user authentication, fraud prevention, compliance with legal requirements, terms of service enforcement, content moderation, and other risk management activities.

To ensure user trust, privacy, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA, COPPA), Bamboobubble would need to implement transparent data collection practices, robust security measures, user consent mechanisms, privacy settings, data retention policies, and clear communication regarding how data is used, shared, stored, and protected.

It’s crucial to prioritize user privacy, data protection, ethical data practices, and responsible data stewardship while leveraging data to enhance the platform’s functionality, features, and user satisfaction in a transparent and user-centric manner.



Details You Offer


Some or all of the following information may be provided by you when you use the Platform to create an account, upload content, get in touch with us, or in other ways:

1. Information about an account or profile, including name, age, password, language, email address, phone number, information from social media accounts, and profile picture.

2. User-generated content refers to any and all content that you choose to create with or upload to the Platform, including text, hashtags, images, livestreams, audio recordings, videos, comments, and virtual item videos. It also includes the metadata that goes along with the content, such as the creation date, location, and creator. Information about you might be included in User Content that other users have made or posted on the Platform, even if you are not a user. Before you save or publish the User Content, we might upload or import it to the Platform (a process referred to as pre-uploading). This could happen, for instance, if you want us to suggest audio choices, produce captions, or offer other customised recommendations. If you add an effect to your user-generated content, we might gather a version of it without the effect.

3. Messages are the data you enter into the messaging features of the Platform when you compose, send, or receive messages. These consist of the communications you exchange with merchants you do business with via our chat feature and the virtual assistants you use to make purchases on the Platform. This data comprises the communication’s content as well as details about the message, like the sender, recipient, and readership dates. If you choose to send messages to other users on the Platform, please be aware that those users can view the messages you send, and we have no control over how those users use or distribute the communications.

4. Content—text, photos, and videos—found on your device’s clipboard, with your consent. We access the data saved on your clipboard to satisfy your requests, such as when you decide to start exchanging information with a third-party platform or when you copy and paste content onto the platform.

5. Purchase details, such as billing and shipping addresses, payment card numbers, and any additional third-party payment information (like PayPal) that may be needed for the purpose of payment. We also gather data about your transactions and past purchases made on or through the Platform, as well as the information needed for extended warranty purposes.

6. With your consent, your contacts on social media and phone. In the event that you decide to utilise your phone contacts to locate other users, we will access and gather personal data, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses, and compare it to the records of current Platform users. We will gather the names and profiles of your social network contacts in addition to your public profile information if you decide to search for other users through your contacts on social media.

7. Your preferences for communication and options.

8. Details to support an account, including identification or age documentation.

9. Details in letters you write to us, including inquiries about assistance.

10. The details you divulge, including your gender, age, likeness, and interests, through surveys or your involvement in challenges, research, promotions, marketing campaigns, events, or games.



Details from Additional Sources


The data outlined in this privacy statement may come to us from additional sources, including:

1. We may obtain information from third-party services, such as your public profile details (such as nickname), email address, and contact list, if you opt to link your Bamboobubbleaccount to a third-party service or register or log in to the Platform using one of these platforms.

2. Advertisers, measurement companies, and other partners provide us with information about you and your activities on websites and applications you have not used on the Platform, including the goods and services you have bought in person or online. These partners also provide us with information that helps us link you and your activities on the Platform and off with your Bamboobubbleaccount, such hashed email addresses and phone numbers, cookie identifiers, and mobile identifiers for advertising. Through the integration of our Bamboobubble Advertiser Tools, some of our partners and advertisers allow us to gather comparable data directly from their websites or apps (such as Bamboobubble Pixel).

3. Certain connected companies within our corporate group may provide us with information about you, including information about your usage of their platform.

4. We might obtain information about you from other sources if your contact information is given to us, if you are featured or mentioned in User Content, direct messages, complaints, appeals, requests, or feedback that you submit to us. We might get information about you from other sources that are open to the public.



Information Gathered Automatically


When you use the Platform, certain information is automatically collected by us. This information includes your IP address, browsing and search history (including content you have viewed on the Platform), unique device identifiers, and information related to your internet or other network activity.

Information Useful. We gather data on how you use the Platform and about any other User Content you create or submit on our Platform.

Information about the device. When you use a device to access the Platform, we gather certain data about it, including your IP address, user agent, mobile carrier, time zone settings, identifiers for advertising, device model, operating system, network type, device IDs, screen resolution, operating system, names and types of apps and files, keystroke patterns or rhythms, battery level, audio settings, and connected audio devices. We provide you with a device ID and user ID automatically. If you log in using numerous devices, we will be able to identify your behaviour across devices using information like your device ID and user ID. Additionally, we might link you to data gathered from devices other than the ones you use to access the Platform.

Location-specific Information. We use your SIM card and/or IP address to gather information about your approximate __cpLocation, including __cpLocation information. Furthermore, if you decide to include __cpLocation data with your User Content, we will gather __cpLocation data (such as landmarks, stores, or other locations of interest). The app does not yet get exact or approximative GPS data from users in the United States. We may collect GPS data if you are still using an older version (last released in August 2020) that permits us to get precise or approximate data, and you have given us permission to do so.

Audio and Visual Data. We may gather data regarding the videos, photos, and audio that make up your User Content. This data may include the names of the scenery and objects that appear, the existence and __cpLocation of features and attributes on the face and body of an image, the type of audio, and the text of any spoken words in your User Content. This data may be gathered for non-personally-identifying purposes such as content moderation, content and ad recommendations, demographic classification, special video effects, and other uses. Your User Content may contain biometric identifiers and biometric information, as defined by U.S. law, such as voiceprints and faceprints. Before making any such collections, we shall get any necessary consents from you as needed by law. For additional information, go here.

Information about metadata. Certain metadata associated with the User Content is automatically uploaded when you generate or upload User Content. In addition to describing other data, metadata gives your User Content information that the viewer may not always be able to see. For instance, the metadata associated with your User Content may specify the format of the content as well as the how, when, where, and by whom it was created, gathered, or altered. It also contains details that other users can use to link the User Content to your user account, including your account name. Metadata also contains any information you wish to include with your User Content, such as any hashtags you use to identify keywords in the video and captions.

Cookies. In order to improve your experience using the Platform, measure the effectiveness of advertisements and other content, and improve the Platform, we, along with our service providers and business partners, use cookies and other similar technologies (e.g., web beacons, flash cookies, etc.) (“Cookies”) to automatically collect information, measure, and analyze how you use the Platform, including which pages you view most frequently and how you interact with content. Cookies are also used by us and our partners to advertise the Platform on other websites and platforms. The Platform may offer specific features and functionality only with the help of cookies.Web beacons, sometimes referred to as “pixel tags” or “clear GIFs,” are extremely tiny images or tiny bits of data contained in images that have the ability to recognize Cookies, the time and date a page is seen, a description of the page containing the pixel tag, and other similar data from your computer or device.

Using your email address or other log-in or device information, we may link your contact or account information with your activities on and off our Platform across all of your devices. We might use this data to provide you personalized adverts on our platform based on your likes, preferences, and traits.

The information practices of our business partners and service providers are not covered by this Privacy Policy, and we are not liable for their privacy policies.

The data mentioned above may be combined or de-identified. This Privacy Policy does not apply to de-identified or aggregated data.



How Your Information Is Used by Us


We use your information, as detailed below, to fulfill and enforce our Terms of Service, to administer, support, and enhance the Platform, and to enable you to access its features. In addition, we might use your information to advertise the Platform, provide you recommendations, and personalize your ad experience.

Generally speaking, we use the data we gather to:

1. To respond to inquiries for goods, services, platform functionality, help, and data for internal operations—including troubles

2. to alter the content that appears to you on the Platform. For instance, we might offer you services in accordance with the country settings you’ve selected or present you with content that bears resemblance to previously liked or engaged with content.

3. to send marketing materials either directly from us, through our affiliates, or through reliable third parties.

4. to carry out product development and enhance our platform.

5. To deliver advertising, including tailored advertising, to you on the Platform and to track and analyze the effectiveness of the advertisements we offer to you and others.

6. to offer advice and a personalized advertising experience.

7. To facilitate the social features of the Platform, such as allowing users to connect with one another (for instance, through our Find Friends feature), recommend accounts to other users, and allow users to share, download, and engage in other interactions with User Content that is posted on the Platform.

8. to promote the Platform through our marketing and advertising activities using User Content.

9. to comprehend your usage of the Platform, including all of your gadgets. deduce further details about you, such your interests, gender, and age.

11. to assist us in identifying fraud, abuse, and unlawful activities on the Platform.

12. To confirm that you are aged enough to use the Platform (as required by law), to utilize specific features (such livestreaming or verified accounts), to apply for a Pro Account, or in other situations where verification could be needed.

13. to keep in touch with you, including informing you of service changes.

14. If allowed by the terms of the promotion, to notify you as the winner of any competitions or promotions you’ve entered and to send you any relevant prizes.

15. must uphold the Community Guidelines, our Terms of Service, and other agreements and guidelines.

16. To offer you __cpLocation-based services, like advertising and other customized information, in accordance with your authorization.

17. to develop and hone our technological tools, like the algorithms and machine learning models we use.

18. to compile all of the data we obtain or gather about you in order to fulfill any of the aforementioned objectives.

19. to enable the purchase, selling, and promotion of goods and services as well as to offer customer assistance.

20. For any further uses that are authorized by you or that are known to you at the time your information is collected.



How Your Information Is Shared


As part of our commitment to upholding your trust, Bamboobubble would like you to be aware of the circumstances under which and with whom we may share the information we collect for business purposes. We do not sell your personal information or provide it to outside parties for the purpose of cross-context behavioral advertising, unless prohibited by applicable law.



Partners in Business and Service Providers


In order to support our business operations and for business purposes, we share the categories of personal information listed above with service providers and business partners. These categories include research, database maintenance, payment processing and transaction fulfillment, technology services, delivery, sending communications, advertising and marketing services, analytics, measurement, data storage and hosting, disaster recovery, search engine optimization, and data processing. These vendors and business associates could consist of:

1. Payment processors and transaction fulfillment providers, including, in particular, the following third-party payment providers/processors, who may receive the information you supply, information from other sources, and automatically collected information, but who do not receive your message data Stripe ( and PayPal (

2. Information from Other Sources, Automatically Collected Information, and Information You Provide may be received by customer and technical support providers.

3. Scholars who might obtain the data you submit, data from external sources, and data that is automatically gathered; nevertheless, they won’t see your payment details or message content.

4. Vendors of analytics, marketing, and advertising may obtain information from you, from other sources, and through automatically collected data; however, they will not obtain payment details or message data.



Among Our Business Group


Being a worldwide business, the Platform is supported by specific corporate group organizations, to which we grant restricted remote access to the Information We Collect when needed to allow them to carry out specific critical functions. See here for additional information on the information we share with specific corporate group entities.

In Relation to a Business Transfer, Sale, or Merger

In the unlikely event of bankruptcy, we may disclose all of the information we collect in connection with a significant corporate transaction, such as the sale of an asset, a merger, consolidation, or asset purchase.



For Legal Reasons


In order to comply with subpoenas, court orders, legal process, law enforcement requests, legal claims, or government inquiries, as well as to safeguard and defend the rights, interests, safety, and security of the Platform, our affiliates, users, or the general public, we may disclose any information that we collect. In order to enforce any agreements that apply to the Platform, to pursue or defend legal claims, or to comply with any relevant laws, we may also disclose any information that we collect.



With Your Authorization


If you give us permission or direct us to do so, we may use your information for additional reasons.

We collaborate with other services (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google) to provide you with a smooth registration, login, and sharing of content experience. If you decide to use these features, we might provide these third-party services access to information about you. For instance, in compliance with the third-party services’ privacy policies, the services may obtain information about your activities on the Platform and may alert your connections about your use of the Platform. We will give a third-party service access to your account in exchange for us sharing some personal information about you. Based on the authorizations you provide, the third party might

You should be aware that any information you share on the Platform may be read, collected, or utilized by other users if you decide to participate in public activities. When providing personal information on the Platform, you should exercise caution. The information that you decide to submit is not our responsibility.

We share transaction-related data with the third party, as well as their service providers and transaction fulfillment providers, when you make a purchase from a third party on the Platform, including from a merchant offering goods through our shopping features. You give us permission to share your information in this manner by completing the purchase. The information shared may be used by these organizations in line with their privacy rules.



Your Legal Rights


Requests to access, update, or remove the data we have on file about you can be made at If we have reached a decision regarding your request, you have the option to appeal it by following the guidelines provided in the email we sent you informing you of our decision. Additionally, you can use the information, access, correction, deletion, and appeal rights by mailing your request to the physical location listed in the “Contact Us” section below. Via your in-app settings, you may also instantly amend your account details, obtain a copy of your Bamboobubble data, and ask for the deactivation or deletion of your account. You have the right to know what personal data we have on file about you, including the types of sources we’ve used.

Depending on the relevant laws, you might be able to make a request via an authorized agent. Please present proof that you have granted the designated agent power of attorney or that the agent otherwise possesses legitimate written authority to submit requests to exercise rights on your behalf in order to designate an authorized agent to make decisions on your behalf. Subject to appropriate verification and in accordance with applicable law, we shall reply to your request. We will ask you to transmit your request from the email address linked to your account or to provide the information we need to validate your account in order to verify it.

You may find here the metrics regarding the access, correct, and delete requests that Bamboobubble received in the past year.

Even though some of the data we gather and use might be considered sensitive personal data, we only use this data to the extent necessary to operate the Platform and in accordance with other legal exemptions. For instance, we might use your driver’s license number to confirm your identification or your financial information to deliver you the products or services you want from us.



Your Decisions


1. By disabling or refusing cookies on your device, you may be able to manage some of the information that we collect. Please refer to the instructions supplied by your browser, as every browser is unique. Please be aware that in order to reject or disable specific Cookie types, you might need to perform extra actions. Furthermore, you might need to disable Cookies differently for each type of browser or device because your option to do so is specific to the particular browser or device that you are using. Some features of the Platform might not work for you if you decide to reject, disable, or remove Cookies. We can’t offer you all of the services you’ve asked for without this information.

2. To choose not to be targeted by ads based on personal data about your online and app behavior that is not linked with, go to “Ads” in your in-app settings.

3. There may be controls on your device that let you choose what data we gather. For instance, the settings on your Apple and Android smartphones allow you to decide whether we can obtain your mobile advertising identification for advertising purposes.

4. The “unsubscribe” link or other method mentioned in marketing or advertising emails can be used to opt out of receiving such emails.

5. The app does not yet get exact or approximative GPS data from users in the United States. You can stop your device from sharing GPS data with the Platform at any time if you are still using an older version (last released in August 2020) and you gave us permission to do so. This can be done through the operating system settings on your device.

6. If you have created an account, you can use the features and functionalities offered to log into your account and access, review, and change some of the personal information you have given us.

7. Websites get “do-not-track” signals from certain browsers. We presently do nothing because browsers vary in how they implement and use this capability.



Data Protection and Archiving


We take appropriate precautions to guard against loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, and destruction of information. It is important for you to realize that there is no 100% secure data storage solution or data transmission via the Internet or any other public network. We are not liable for maintaining the security of information gathered by third parties, so please be aware that it might not have the same security measures as information you provide to us.

We keep data for as long as it takes to operate the Platform and for the additional uses mentioned in this Privacy Policy. In addition, we save information when it’s required to fulfill legal and contractual requirements, when we have a good reason to (such when we’re expanding and growing the Platform and boosting its stability, safety, and security), and when it comes time to prosecute or defend legal claims.

Various factors, including the type of information and our intended uses for it, influence the length of the retention periods. For instance, we retain your information for as long as you have an account when we handle it, such as when we use your profile information to allow you access to the Platform. We may instantly delete your profile if you breach our terms of service, community guidelines, or other rules and regulations. However, we may retain additional information about you in order to handle the violation.

Your data may be sent by Bamboobubble to servers or data centers located outside of the US for processing and/or storing. Bamboobubble may share your data as mentioned below with organizations that are based outside of the United States.



Kids and Teens


We value children’s privacy very much. For children in the US, we offer an alternative experience in which we gather and use a restricted amount of data. See our Children’s Privacy Policy for details on how we gather, utilize, distribute, and treat children’s personal information in various ways.

In any case, children are not the target audience for the Platform. In the event that we learn that a child’s personal information has been gathered on the Platform, we will remove it and close the child’s account. Please get in touch with us at if you think there is a user who is less than 13 years old.

Our Guardian’s Guide offers resources and information to assist parents and guardians in understanding the Platform and the tools and controls available to them.



Additional Rights Sharing for Direct


At Bamboobubble, we prioritize transparency, user empowerment, and ethical data practices. As part of our commitment to fostering trust and facilitating meaningful connections within our community, we provide users with additional rights and options concerning the sharing and management of their personal data and content within the Bamboobubble platform.

– Control Over Your Content:You have the right to control, manage, and determine the sharing, visibility, and accessibility settings of your content, including videos, posts, comments, likes, and other user-generated materials within the Bamboobubble platform.

– Data Portability Options:Upon request, you can access, export, and transfer your personal data, content, and information from Bamboobubble to other platforms or services in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, subject to technical feasibility and legal requirements.

– Consent-Based Sharing:Bamboobubble ensures that sharing your data, content, or information with third parties occurs based on explicit consent, clear communication, transparent disclosures, and user control mechanisms, allowing you to make informed decisions about data sharing, partnerships, integrations, or collaborations.

– Opt-Out & Privacy Settings:You have the right to opt-out of certain data collection, tracking, personalized advertising, and analytics features by adjusting privacy settings, preferences, permissions, and consent options within the Bamboobubble app, ensuring personalized control over your digital experience.

– Content Removal & Deletion:You can request the removal, deletion, or anonymization of your content, data, or information from Bamboobubble’s servers, databases, or platforms, subject to applicable laws, terms of service, community guidelines, and retention policies.

– Transparency & Accountability:Bamboobubble commits to maintaining transparency, accountability, and integrity in its data practices, policies, procedures, disclosures, and interactions with users, regulators, stakeholders, and the broader community.

– User Support & Assistance:Our dedicated support team is available to assist, guide, and address your inquiries, concerns, requests, and feedback related to rights sharing, data management, privacy controls, content moderation, and platform usage within Bamboobubble.


Updates to Privacy Policies


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will notify you when we amend the Privacy Policy by changing the “Last Updated” date at the top of the revised document, posting the revised document, or sending you any other notice mandated by relevant legal requirements. To stay up to date on our privacy practices, we advise you to read the Privacy Policy each time you use the Platform.



Contact Us

For specific details, processes, procedures, guidelines, and resources related to Additional Rights Sharing For Direct within Bamboobubble, please refer to our comprehensive privacy policy, terms of service, help center, support channels available on the Bamboobubble platform.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [].

Thank you for choosing BambooBubble!