Terms and Conditions


Greetings from Bamboobubble.

The agreement between you and Bamboobubble with regard to the Platform that is detailed below is included in these Terms of Service (the “Terms”). Kindly carefully read these terms. Read our community guidelines, cookies policy, and privacy policy as well.
When you use the Platform in any way or acknowledge that you accept these Terms, you enter into a contract with us.
Click here for a summary of these Terms as well as the other terms and policies that apply to your interaction with us, even though we still advise you to read these Terms in its entirety.
To put it briefly, this is an agreement between you and Bamboobubble. It is recommended that you read it.



1. The parties to the contract


The business you are working with is determined by where you live or operate your primary place of business:
Your contract with the particular Bamboobubble provider varies according on your place of residence. Unless otherwise specified, the terms “Bamboobubble,” “we,” or “us” in these terms refer to that particular business.



2. The services that these Terms cover


These terms regulate how you use Bamboobubble services, which can be accessed through any platform or device (the “Platform”) and include websites, software, apps (such as Bamboobubble and Bamboobubble Now), and related services. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Terms, which include our Community Guidelines, and that you will abide by them. The distinct Commercial Terms of Service apply to the goods and services you can access through your Bamboobubble For Business, Bamboobubble Ads Manager, and Bamboobubble Business Center accounts. In brief: These terms govern how you use websites, software, apps (such as Bamboobubble and Bamboobubble Now), and related services from Bamboobubble, regardless of how you access them. Following our Community Guidelines is also required of you in order to abide by these Terms.



3. Other terms and conditions that may be relevant based on the features you utilize


If we make certain goods or features of the Platform available to you, if you post or live stream specific types of content, or if you use the Platform for business or commercial reasons, then additional terms and policies might be applicable. The
principal ones that are included in these Terms and that you should be aware of are listed below for your information:

The Coins Policy: regulates the acquisition and utilization of virtual coins for the purpose of activating or accessing functionalities within the Platform.

rewards policy: The Bamboobubble rewards policy regulates the acquisition of virtual diamonds and other awards.

Music Terms: These terms are applicable when you upload content to the Platform that include music that you have purchased from your own device or music library.

Music Library Terms: The following rules are applicable if you intend to post material on the Platform that incorporates music sourced from the Commercial Music Library or if you are a commercial enterprise.

Intellectual Property Policy: All content on the Platform that is safeguarded by intellectual property rights is covered by this policy.

Bamboobubble Shop: The following terms are applicable when purchasing things from Bamboobubble Shop (where available).

The policy on Branded Content: Branded Content pertains to postings on the Platform that endorse a third-party brand, its goods, or services in return for money or other incentives.

Business Terms: These conditions apply if you use the Platform for activities related to your trade, business, profession, or craft. This includes using your Platform account to manage your own business or managing an account on behalf of a company.

In short: To put it briefly, these Terms govern how you
use the Platform. If you wish to post or live stream specific types of content, use the Platform
for business or commercial reasons, or get access to additional features, there might be some
additional terms and policies that apply.



4. Using the Platform


4.1 Our Platform and business model


We and the companies affiliated with us (such as Bamboobubble Inc. and Bamboobubble Pte. Ltd.) Worldwide, “Affiliates” offer the Platform. You and other users can produce, view, interact with, share, and interact with content on the platform. Additionally, we customize certain aspects of your Platform experience, such showing your “For You” feed within the Bamboobubble app. One of Bamboobubble’s special features is the “For You” feed, which employs a ecommendation engine to help you find a variety of themes, authors, and content that you might find fascinating. The technology considers various parameters, including likes, shares, comments, searches, diversity of material, and popular videos, when deciding what is recommended. Find out more about the options available to you to customize your feed and the recommendation system here. We want individuals to feel comfortable and free to enjoy themselves on the Platform. To safeguard you and all of our users, we collaborate with our Affiliates and employ a combination of technology (such as automated tools), human moderation, and user reports to find and  rosecute violations of these Terms and our Community Guidelines. You are not charged a price to utilize the majority of the Platform’s services. Instead, we may charge sellers a commission on items sold on Bamboobubble Shop, and some people and companies pay us to display adverts on the Platform.
We use the data we collect about you in the ways described in our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy. Although they are not included in these Terms, we highly advise you to read these crucial documents. We charge users for certain Platform services, such as purchasing virtual coins (see our Coins Policy). However, these are optional activities, and any associated fees will be disclosed to you prior to any charges being made.

In summary: The majority of the functions on our platform are free to use, but in return, we let certain people and companies to advertise there in exchange for payment.


4.2 Account information


Without an account, you can utilize some of the Platform’s basic functions. These Terms will still be applicable to you if you use the Platform without creating an account, and we will continue to handle your personal data in line with our Privacy Policy. You must register for an account with us in order to use the Platform’s entire capabilities. We might provide many account kinds. Your account information will sync when you register and will be available to all Bamboobubble apps on the Platform. For instance, if you register with Bamboobubble, you can use that account to access any other Bamboobubble apps that are available in your nation, like Bamboobubble Now. Every Bamboobubble app will also sync your account information, content, Platform settings (including privacy options), and any modifications you make.When you create an account to access and use the Platform, you must provide accurate and up-to-date information about yourself (such as your date of birth). You agree to maintain and promptly update your details if  they change. See our Help Center for information on opening an account.

In short: Your account is important. Keep it safe. Keep your details up to date. When you create an account in one Bamboobubble app, you will be able to access other Bamboobubble apps using that account (provided those apps are available in your country) and your account details, content and settings will sync across those apps.
It is crucial that you take appropriate precautions to protect the privacy of your account password and that you never share it with outside parties. Please notify us right immediately here if you believe or know that someone else has access to your account or knows your password.
Put succinctly: Your account matters. Preserve it. Update your contact information. Once you register for an account on one Bamboobubble app, you can use that account to access other Bamboobubble applications (if those apps are available in your country), and your preferences, content, and account information will sync throughout other apps.
In short: Your account is important. Keep it safe. Keep your details up to date. When you create an account in one Bamboobubble app, you will be able to access other Bamboobubble apps using that account (provided those apps are available in your country) and your account details, content and settings will sync across those apps.


4.3 The minimum age


The Platform is only available to users who are 13 years of age or older. If we have a good reason to believe that you are not of legal age or that you are permitting someone who is not of legal age to use your account, we will close your account. If you believe we made a mistake about your age, you have the option to challenge our decision to cancel your account.
In short: To use our platform, you must be 13 years of age or older.


4.4 Activities available on the Platform


You may use the Platform in accordance with these Terms to:
– create and distribute content;
– interact with other users;
– view content made by others; and
– make use of the features and functionality that the Platform occasionally makes available to you.
For further details on the features of the Platform and how to use them, see our Help Center.
The authorization we provide you is as follows:
– it is exclusive to you;
– it cannot be transferred to anyone else;
– it is confined to what we have agreed to permit in these Terms; and
– it is revocable for the purposes specified in these Terms.

In short: Your account is important. Keep it safe. Keep your details up to date. When you create an account in one Bamboobubble app, you will be able to access other Bamboobubble apps using that account (provided those apps are available in your country) and your account details, content and settings will sync across those apps.

Your age determines which Platform features are available to you.

As an illustration:
– Direct Messaging: To utilize the direct messaging feature, you need to be 16 years of age or older.
– Bamboobubble LIVE: To access live streaming features and live broadcast, you must be at least 18 years old.
– To engage with virtual items, you must be at least eighteen years old.

In summary: There are a lot of things you can do on our platform, but if you’re not old enough, you might not be able to use every option.


4.5 What the Platform does not allow you to accomplish


This Platform’s Community Guidelines are applicable to all users and content. You are not permitted to create, post, share, link to, or otherwise interact with content that violates our community guidelines on the Platform.
In any case, you are not permitted to use the Platform for the following purposes:
– doing anything illegal (including posting, live streaming, or distributing illegal content);
– doing anything that contravenes applicable laws or regulations pertaining to anti-money laundering, counterterrorism financing, export controls, and economic sanctions;
– interacting inappropriately or exploitatively with minors;
– undermining the security or functionality of the Platform;
– engage in inauthentic commercial behaviors such as running spam or impersonation accounts or by any other methods further specified in our Community Guidelines;
– Filter any data or content from the Platform using automated systems or software that is not provided by Bamboobubble or approved in writing by Bamboobubble;
– submit clearly baseless appeals, reports, notices, or complaints;
– use or attempt to use another user’s account without authorization.
Additionally, you are not permitted to post, live stream, or otherwise disseminate any content on the Platform that:
– violates the rights of others (including those related to intellectual property, privacy, and/or the personality rights of living or deceased individuals);
– constitutes, encourages, or offers instructions for a criminal offense; or
– involves risky activities that could result in serious injury, death, or self-harm;
– or disseminates false information that incites hatred or prejudice
– or that improperly influences elections or other civic processes Contains or encourages violence or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, serious
illness, disability, immigration status, or age; or
– in any other way contains harmful content (such as content that
harms minors physically, mentally, or morally). Or is obscene, pornographic, or promotes sexually
explicit material (e.g. by linking to adult or pornographic websites).
You can report suspected illegal content or content which otherwise breaches these Terms or our Community Guidelines through the reporting functionalities provided on the Platform.
In short: Enjoy using our Platform but, for the benefit of all our users, there are rules you need to follow. If you see something that should not be on our Platform, please tell us.


4.6 Your material


It’s critical that you comprehend what occurs to any content you produce, publish, or distribute on the Platform:
– You have the responsibility for the content you make accessible on the platform, and you ought to own all the necessary rights to generate, publish, and distribute content there.
– Content created, posted, or shared through one Bamboobubble app may be shared and posted automatically across other Bamboobubble apps;
– however, your privacy settings will remain the same for each app.
For instance, a video that you upload to Bamboobubble Now will also be uploaded to and accessible on Bamboobubble.
– We carry out content reviews both proactively (by utilizing procedures we’ve established to detect illicit and dangerous content) and reactively (for example, in reaction to alerts from users or authorities). We do this by using both technology and human moderators. You can read more about our approach to content moderation here.
– We reserve the right to remove or restrict access to any content, including yours, if we have good reason to believe that it violates these Terms or our Community Guidelines, puts us, our users, Affiliates, or other third parties at risk, or both. The criteria under which content on the Platform may be restricted or withdrawn are outlined in our Community
– If we decide to remove or restrict access to your content, we will promptly tell you and provide an explanation for our decision, unless there are legal or other reasons why we cannot do so.
– Should you believe that we erred in eliminating or limiting access to your content, you have the option to challenge our decision using the appeal features available on the Platform. We will then reevaluate our findings. Here is more information about our complaint resolution procedure, how to file an appeal, and other available channels for redress.
– You have the liberty to take down your material from the Platform whenever you choose. When you remove a video that you have placed on Bamboobubble Now, it is also deleted from Bamboobubble. Similarly, when you remove content from one Bamboobubble app, it is also removed from other Bamboobubble apps.
– In accordance with your Platform settings, even if you later remove your content or account, other users who have used your content to create new content (for example, by using Duet or Stitch) or share it on third-party services may still be able to access it on the Platform or those third-party services. You can request separately that any Duet or Stitch videos that
feature your work be taken off.
– In your Platform settings, you have the ability to limit how other users can interact with and use your material. Before uploading any content to the Platform, make sure you are comfortable with these settings.


4.7 Sharing Content with a Brand


The Branded Content Policy must be followed if you post content on the Platform that promotes a third-party brand or its goods or services in exchange for money or any other kind of reward, unless you’re using one of Bamboobubble’s paid ad services (like Promote or Bamboobubble Ads Manager), each of which has its own set of rules. Use the proper disclaimers, along with any features the platform has, to make sure that any postings that are, for instance, sponsored are made explicit.
In summary, you should read our Branded Content Policy and make sure you abide by the extra guidelines if you publish about a brand, a good, or a service in exchange for money or another incentive.


4.8 Honoring other people’s intellectual property rights


All intellectual property rights, including copyright, are respected. Our intellectual property policy is available for reading. The following link on the Platform allows you to report alleged infringements of intellectual property rights:

In short: You should read our Intellectual Property Policy and follow those additional rules.


4.9 Content ownership and license granting


Your content isn’t our property. Nothing in these Terms alters if you are the owner of the intellectual property rights to the content you publish on the Platform.
We require specific permissions from you in order to deliver the Platform (called a licence). These licenses’ specifics are listed below.
When you generate, publish, or otherwise make material available on the Platform, you provide Bamboobubble the following rights:
– The license is worldwide (meaning it applies anywhere in the world),
– non-exclusive (meaning you can license your content to others),
– royalty-free (meaning we don’t pay you for this license),
– transferable (meaning we can give the rights you grant us to someone else), and
– sub-licensable (meaning we can license your content to others, such as service providers that assist us in providing the Platform or reputable third parties that have entered into agreements with us to operate, develop, and provide the Platform).
– Global (signifying that the license is valid everywhere in the world)
Permission to use your content for the purposes of running, developing, and providing the Platform, subject to your Platform settings, includes the right to reproduce (e.g., copy), adapt or make derivative works (e.g., translate and/or create captions), perform, and communicate your content to the public (e.g., display it).The licence to your content that you grant to us extends to Affiliates as part of making the Platform available.
Additionally, you give every Platform user a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to access and use your content, including reproduction (copying, sharing, or downloading), adaptation or creation of derivative works (incorporating your content into other people’s works), performance, and public communication of that content (displaying it) for entertainment purposes, subject to your Platform settings.
When you terminate your account or when we remove your material from the Platform in compliance with these Terms, your licenses to Bamboobubble and users come to an end. However, the license granted shall remain in effect even after you have deleted your material to the extent that due to the nature of the Platform and our legal obligations:
– You have granted other Platform users permission to use or reuse your content (for example, by downloading or sharing files using Duet, Stitch, or other features) through your Platform settings;
– We are required by law to retain or process your content.
You consent to us using any comments, suggestions, or feedback you choose to send us for the purposes of running, creating, enhancing, and offering the Platform without paying you anything back.
In summary, content that you upload to the Platform is your property, but we may use it to operate the Platform. If you choose to grant other users access to your content, we may display it to them and they may be able to use it as well. That is the main purpose of our platform. Copies generated by other users might stay on the Platform even if you later remove it.



5. What we commit to provide you


For as long as we decide to offer the Platform, we guarantee that we will act with professional diligence and supply you with the Platform with reasonable skill and care. Additionally, we’ll do all in our power to ensure that users may access the Platform in a secure and safe manner. We make no guarantees that the Platform will be available in its current form or for any extended amount of time.
The majority of the content on the platform is user-generated content that is contributed by the people and companies that utilize it. Put another way, while Bamboobubble may create some content, it is not the primary creator of the majority of the content on the Platform. Consequently, Bamboobubble cannot and does not guarantee that any of the user-generated content you access on the Platform will not be subject to any obligatory regulations or laws (including sector-specific regulations or laws) that apply to Bamboobubble:
– Is precise, comprehensive, or current;
– doesn’t violate the rights of third parties;
– Is legitimate; that is,
– not cause you offense.
You acknowledge and accept that the content you may read on the Platform may not be appropriate for your purpose and does not reflect our opinions or values.
Links to websites, deals, services, promotions, and other events or activities that are not supplied, owned, or managed by Bamboobubble may be found on the Platform. Such third-party websites, ads, services, offers, gatherings, activities, information, materials, or goods are not endorsed by us. Use of them is at your own peril.
As long as we have exercised professional care, we disclaim any liability for any loss or harm we may have caused, unless it is:
– resulting from our violation of these terms; or
– At the time of entering into these Terms, it was fairly predictable, meaning that it was either known that it might happen at the time of this contract or it was evident that it will happen.
In the case that loss or damage results from circumstances outside of our reasonable control, we disclaim any liability.
Nothing in these Terms affects any statutory rights that you always have the legal right to, such as those arising from your status as a consumer, or that you cannot contractually agree to change or waive.
In situations where it would be illegal for us to do so, we do not in any way restrict or exclude our liability to you. You will always be fully protected by the applicable laws.



6. Postponing or terminating our partnership


6.1 Your entitlements


Anytime you choose to stop using the Platform and close your account, you can terminate your relationship with Bamboobubble. We have instructions in our Help Center on how to accomplish this.You can do this in-app or by utilizing the sample withdrawal form available here.
When you close your account within one Bamboobubble app, you will lose access to your content and account across all other Bamboobubble services that are connected to that account. This is because your account is applicable across the Bamboobubble app and website, Bamboobubble Now, and any other Bamboobubble services to which you have linked your account.
Nevertheless, even after you remove your account, some of your content might still be accessible on the Platform based on your Platform settings.
In other words, even though we hope you stay, you are free to leave at any time by closing your account and ceasing to use the Platform.


6.2 Rights of Bamboobubble


We reserve the right to look into any alleged violations of these Terms or our Community Guidelines. While we do this, we have the right to remove all or part of your material and to suspend your access to all or part of the Platform’s features. Depending on the severity of the alleged breach, we will act impartially and reasonably.
As a result, we may decide to restrict or limit your access to certain Platform services, or to suspend or terminate your account altogether, if:
– If we reasonably and objectively decide that you are consistently or materially violating these Terms or our Community Guidelines,
– We possess objective reasons to suspect that you are intending to violate these Terms or our Community Guidelines in a significant way;
– If mandated by law, we must comply;
– otherwise- It is justifiably necessary to address a significant technological or security concern.
We keep track of all the instances your account has broken our terms. A permanent account suspension could be imposed for multiple serious infractions or for one serious infraction. See this link for additional details.
In the event that you use our Platform once more (for instance, by creating a new account), we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any accounts that we have previously terminated due to violations of these Terms or Community Guidelines.
Unless it is inappropriate for us to do so, we reasonably believe that continuing access to your account will cause harm to us, Affiliates, our users, or other third parties, or we are legally prohibited from doing so, we will give you advance notice so you have time to download your data in-app (more details on how to do this can be found here).
You can use the appeal features on the Platform to challenge our decision if you believe we erred in suspending or canceling your account. We’ll then evaluate and make a new judgment.
To be clear, you will not be able to access Bamboobubble or Bamboobubble Now or any other Bamboobubble apps if we suspend, terminate, or remove your account.
In short: We have rules and, if you break them, Bamboobubble can take action against you which may include terminating your account.



7. Modifications to the Platform or these Terms


7.1 What occurs when we alter something


We reserve the right to sometimes modify the Platform or these Terms. If so, we will first take your reasonable interests into account.
Additionally, we will transparently notify you in a reasonable amount of time in advance of any substantial changes that will affect you and the date on which they will take effect. The modifications are exclusive to our future connection.
We might not be able to provide you advance notice when we have to make urgent changes for security, safety, legal, or regulatory purposes, but we will notify you as soon as we can.
You will have to discontinue using the Platform if you do not agree to the modifications made to the Terms or the Platform.
In short: If these Terms change, we will tell you. It won’t change anything between us that has happened already but, if you want to keep using the Platform in the future, you will need to agree to the changes. Our Platform will evolve as we improve it.


7.2 Justifications for modifications


We may modify the Platform or these Terms for the following reasons:
– events outside of our reasonable control;
– modifications to the law;
– adjustments we make to the Platform during the normal course of developing our product;
– adjustments to the Platform to accommodate new technologies;
– adjustments to reflect shifts in the number of users of the Platform or any pertinent feature or
– functionality of the Platform; or
– adjustments to address a security issue.
In summary, we will be open and honest about any significant changes we make to our platform, even though they won’t last forever.


8. Handling disagreements


The laws of the country where you currently reside will apply to these Terms.
In the event of a disagreement, we shall first attempt to settle it peacefully with you.
You or I may go to your local courts if we are unable to settle our disagreement. Additionally, you can visit the following courts:
– Disputes with Bamboobubble Technology Limited will fall under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland’s courts; and
– The non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales over matters involving Bamboobubble Information Technologies will apply.
In short: We hope we do not get into a dispute but, if we do, there are a couple of ways we can try to resolve it.


9. Other


You may not transfer or assign these Terms, or any rights and permissions included herein, but Bamboobubble may assign these Terms without restriction. Should we take this action, it won’t impact any rights you might have as a customer. Furthermore, you may always end this agreement and cease using the Platform at any moment if you’re not happy.
To put it briefly, we don’t want to do so, but if we ever decide to sell all or part of our firm or rearrange our operations, you might find that the Platform is provided to you by a different company.
After six months without you logging in, we reserve the right to recover your account name and make it available to other users. We may also do this if we have good reason to suspect that your account name breaches our terms and/or community guidelines (e.g. your account name violates third party trademark).
In other words, there are situations in which we might take back your account name.
A provision of these Terms may be enforced later by either of us, even if we or you delay in doing so. In the event that either of us delays taking action against the other for violating these terms, or if neither of us insists on doing anything that the other is required to do under these terms right away, it will not absolve either of us of our obligations to perform the necessary actions, nor will it stop us or you from taking action against the other in the future.
To put it succinctly: We both acknowledge and agree that these Terms, as written, constitute our agreement, even if neither of us depends on any one of these Terms.



10. Getting in touch with Bamboobubble


Here is how you can get in touch with us: Give your thoughts. Even though we might not be physically present in some countries, the law in those nations requires us to give additional regulatory information and/or contact points
within the country. This information is available to you here. If you have any questions or need clarification on these guidelines, please contact us at